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Travel if well planned is a comfortable part of your Golf Vacation. If not planned well it’s a pain in the butt.

Each destination has its own needs including:

  • Travel itinerary and connections, international and internal where required
  • Managing your golf clubs.
  • Luggage allowances.
  • Visa requirements,
  • Insurance needs.
  • Currency needs
  • Vaccinations
  • Luggage allowance

Some locations in China require internal flights which can be a problem with weight restrictions. A golf bag plus the outside carry bag weighs anything from 12-16 kgs so needs to be taken into account when booking especially with cheaper (special) air fares. If for some reason you don’t want to take your own clubs then you can hire good brands at each course.

We have a many years of experience here so we can keep your travel costs as low as possible depending on your international connections. Some airlines offer better luggage allowance deals if you use their domestic partners.

Dress Requirements

Dress is both simple and casual for what is normally tropical conditions. Tailored shorts, a shirt with a collar at all times on the course. In the evening shorts can be accepted in some coastal areas, but generally long pants do the job .Certain times of the year a light jumper might be handy in the evenings.


Food choices are a great addition to your golf vacation. Do not be put off by stories about Asian food. In more than 10 years of taking tours to the area, neither I nor any of my clients have EVER had the slightest issue with poor food quality .The most common feel unwell problem can be de-hydration by not drinking enough water on the golf course,(4-6 bottles a day is recommended). Drink only bottled water which is supplied free by most hotels and golf courses. Obviously if you chose to eat at outdoor markets/stalls you will need to be careful. As a rule of thumb only eat cooked foods.


Insurance cover should always be taken out, we are happy to recommend a provider that we trust at competitive rates.


China & Vietnam, all require Visas beforehand, although Vietnam Visa can be prepared online and simply taken with you for presentation on arrival. We can assist in the process for China.

Indonesia/Bali visas can be purchased beforehand or on arrival at the Jakarta or Bali airports. We recommend purchasing beforehand.


You should always carry some local currency with you for incidentals. Credit cards are normally accepted for all other needs and if you are taking larger amounts of cash(or valuables-watches , jewellery) please use the hotel safe

Most large cities have ATMs for additional local currency.


Vaccinations depend on the Country visited and your own personal health needs. Please consult your GP.