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Golf Excitement (including China Golf Tours) have been in business for more than 15 years. Our customers return often to try new course and new destinations.


Golf Excitement opens up a World of challenge and excitement for Golfers and their Partners. We take your golf tour to World class destinations you have seen in magazines or on TV, then send you home full of new experiences and a hunger to return soon.

Now you can experience all this first hand, well organised and at reasonable prices through Golf Excitement.


The golf courses and hotels we recommend will satisfy your demand for challenging golf, new cultural experiences and a comfortable night’s sleep. Each location offers both Country and locality cultural experiences and its worth taking the time to immerse yourself and take home some wonderful memories. Local cooking or craft schools are a great opportunity for a non-golfers to take home some new skills to show off.

Whether you are a first timer or a returning customer, we will deliver to you a satisfying holiday experience and leave with an unsatisfied taste to return and knock off some strokes from your last round.


We tailor all Golf Tours to suit the holiday design by your Group. A typical Group comprises 6-16 persons and hosting services are available if requested. This service works well with groups of 10 or more.

We select golf course based on our own review to ensure that they provide you with a great golf challenge, professional golf course management, excellent hospitality, good language capability and friendly staff.

We check that golf carts and caddies meet our own standards and that accommodation is clean and fresh. We recommend restaurants and cafes to try and can send you in the right direction for shopping.

Plan your own Golf Tour to be either relaxing with holiday style schedule or take on a 36 hole per day challenge.

You make up your mind and we will get you a great outcome.


Golf is an addiction many suffer from. In Asia, China had been the new frontier for golf and through Mission Hills who have opened up more than 25 golf course, there has been a wide range of golf opportunities. Now there are new golf adventures we can take you to in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

We also take you and your friends to New Zealand, Europe, USA and South Africa for those who can travel further.

Golf Tours can be delivered for a reasonable total cost and all you have to do is decide how to get there (points are a great idea if you have them).